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watremeln ii

A Night At The Graveyard

Miscellaneous Music Playlist

I made an album called Watremeln for a class in high school. It is terrible, but I love it. A while after that, I started making little joke-y songs on my computer, which eventually became watremeln ii. It's from the same place as Watremeln (the original) but it's more developed, like an older sibling, or more successful peer. I believe a third installment will come to me when she is ready. She is not yet ready.

Personal favorites from this album change pretty frequently but at the moment they are: Will Playing Harmonica Make Me Cool? and The Stranger. Phanny's Lament and Rathands are fan favorites.

The undeniable worst track on this album is The Wizard. That song sucks so bad, but something about that just feels right. It's not bad in a good way though, to be clear. It's awful.

A Night At The Graveyard is my Halloween album that I have neglected to release in its entirety for many years now! Every song is written from the perspective of a ghost. I wrote 13 songs for it in like a week when I was 16, and I have only put out a vaguely acceptable version of 7 of them. This one is a bit of a passion project honestly so I want to wait to learn a bit more about production! I do not claim music professionally. I just enjoy it :)

My personal favorite from this album is dead, with Ghostly Tunes being a solid second? That one has played well live. Most of the unreleased ones would definitely be worthy of a mention as well. It's a good album! but you'll just have to trust me and accept the poorly produced half for now. Soon. I hope.

I also write non-joke music as myself sometimes and when I do that, I tend to put a recording on youtube and that's pretty much as far as I've taken it. I'm opening up to playing live but it feels so vain? I am incredibly shy about the unironic music and ESPECIALLY the recordings in this playlist, because they were pretty much all recorded just to document the songs immediately after writing them. This is the bulk of my music though, and somewhere very very deep in my brain my overall feeling is that I do honestly think it is probably good. So maybe you would too? Well, there they are for you to find out.



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