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This is an introductory video I made for the Mississippi Humanities Council's 2020 Annual Report. I love everyone at the MHC a ton. That has nothing to do with the video, but I'm going to say it whenever I get the chance!

This is a recruitment video I worked on for a class in high school. It's definitely from high school, but it has its moments. I did the cinematography and editing.

This was what I made for an exam for the same class. The clips are all from online and I had to write and edit it all in about three hours. So this one is included for the editing.

You get it :P

This is an old sketchbook flipthrough video I made. I included it again to show cinematography and editing but! There's also some old art as well! So I hope you enjoy :)

This is a short I made for a school-related competition. It ended up getting into 27 festivals internationally and winning awards at multiple, including the LA Film Festival. I made it in a weekend and (this is just between us) I honestly think it's pretty cheesy but! You gotta love claymation :)

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