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I'm Juliet!

I was born in Berkeley (CA), I grew up in Memphis (TN) and Ridgeland (MS), and my family is in Washington (DC) so I am "from" all over! My mother is a psychologist, and spending my childhood in a clinical environment while she was in graduate school contributed a lot to who I am today and how I think, including my approach to graphic design. Another major influence for me was my Nana, who taught me to seek joy in every aspect of life and extend kindness to others whenever possible.

I am extremely passionate about expanding resources in the South and correcting harmful narratives about Mississippi in particular. I feel very lucky to have witnessed the incredible depth and talent that exists uniquely in this area and I am dedicated to promoting and supporting that throughout my career. So those are some fundamental things!

I also enjoy classic literature (most notably War & Peace, Moby Dick, The Little Prince, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poetry), I am in the process of teaching myself Russian (primarily by translating Dostoevsky - an absurd approach for someone with no prior knowledge of the language or source material but I'm having fun!), my favorite artist is Alexander Calder, and I love disposable cameras and wizards! So now you've got the gist!

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